Move over GMC. There's another multifuntion tailgate in town. The RAM 1500 tailgate will split the tailgate horizontally into hinged 60/40 sections that will swing out clamshell style when the tailgate is raised. Each door will be able to open up to 88 degrees. The tailgate will also lower normally as a single piece and will have the same dampened action current RAM 1500's have. The new multifunction tailgate will also be able to be lowered by remote. The tailgate, when lowered, will be able to support a 2000 pound load.

The RAM multifunction tailgate with be a $995 option and will be available on all trim lines. The tailgate package will also include a spray in bedliner. It can also be paired with an optional retractable center step for $295. Pickups with the new tailgate will be available at dealers late Spring 2019.